How do we design our jewellery?

You may ask how we decide what jewellery to make? well that all depends on the seasonal flowers that are available at the time of year: We cant guarantee a specific flower/plant type throughout the year as they dont all flower at the same time!

Our shop and design is completely determined by what is available at that time of year! I guess you could call this season specific jewellery! the fact that each flower we chooses to make our collections is only available at certain times of the year makes it pretty hard for us to guarantee your exact requirements.

We pride ourselves on producing unique items of jewellery that sell mostly as clients see them advertised, our fortnightly emails will keep you informed of what is currently available to purchase so make sure to sign up to our mailing list here!

If you have a very specific piece you would like us to produce, please get in touch and we will tailor make your requirements as best we can!